Volume 1, Number 4 April 23, 2003
Pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

The game opens with a nice splash screen showing Se Ri, holding a club aloft, surrounded by various cartoon nasties. Hitting the enter key reveals various options, and a little trial and error got me to the shidzak option. I knew shidzak means 'begin', so I figured this was the new game option, and indeed it was.

We are deposited on a golf course, a beautiful sunny day. Se Ri is lining up a putt, probably preparing for yet another glorious victory. Suddenly, a vile black smoke begins to pour from the 18th hole. Two glowing eyes emerge, obviously intent on nastiness. The smoke curls around the green and grabs the hapless Happy, who was waiting greenside for her mistress' inevitable victory (for those who are curious, it is the first Happy, the beagle). Se Ri is infuriated that someone is trying to swipe her puppy, and charges at the smoke, to no avail. Happy has been kidnapped! Can Se Ri save her?

A cute preview screen then shows us Se Ri, trussed up by a giant, malevolent Eggplant. Getting the idea that we have entered into a seriously warped world?

And so on to Stage 1! Se Ri stands at the ready, but if you take too long to get your act together, she falls asleep! After a little experimenting, I figured out the basics: Se Ri can go forward, backwards, or jump, using the arrow keys. Holding down the shift key makes her go faster or jump higher. She is carrying a driver in her hand, and she knows how to use it. If you hit the alt key, she jabs the club at an enemy much like a fencer. If you hit ctrl, she swings it, shouting 'hiya!' in the process. Her swing produces a blast of energy that flies across the screen. I quickly realized that the jab attack is easier to use, even though it doesn't have range, because it can be executed a lot quicker than the swing. Also, I believe the swing takes some of your life to use and the jab does not. Yes, like most video games these days, you have a life line, and attacks from enemies depletes it. Fortunately, you can find stuff to replenish your life: a can of soda for a small boost, and a thermos to completely restore your life.

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