Volume 1, Number 4 April 23, 2003
Pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
In keeping with the golf theme, all enemies, when defeated, explode into a hail of golf balls and shrapnel. Pick up the golf balls for extra points. Occasionally they also spit out a card with a question mark on it. Sometimes when you get this, a small picture of one of your enemies is added to a little portfolio on your screen. I thought it was just for fun, or maybe bonus, but these pictures actually have another use. If you hit the function keys 1 thru 5 (ie, F1, F2, etc.), and you have a card in the proper space, you turn into that enemy! By and large there's little purpose to it, although you do seem to be invincible when in that state. But then again, it's cool, and that's purpose enough, isn't it?

Stage 1 takes place on a sunny golf course. The screen scrolls left as Se Ri walks to the right. You are introduced to some of the enemies you will get to know rather more intimately than you would like during the game. First are the blobs, which kind of sit there and quiver (they are blobs, after all). A couple of shots take them out. As you continue, jumping out of the sand traps in your way, you meet more foes. There are two different enemies that fire machine guns at you (yes, this is a harsh harsh world, cute though it may seem at first). One looks like a mini-tank, and takes three shots to deck. The other is lightly armored and jumps on springs around the screen; he takes three shots to finish as well.

But the most annoying enemy on this level is the chicken(!). What can I say about this guy, except that I nicknamed him 'Frickin the Chicken' after a while because he was so annoying. He comes charging onto the screen as though he is completely cracked. If you nail him in time, two quick shots take him. But if he gets near you, it's real hard to shake him so you can get the distance necessary to use your club. I hate Frickin.

Later in the level you must jump on stepping stones to cross a lake. By and large this level is not too hard, a good level to get you used to what Se Ri can do. But if you should die, you are greeted with a sad sight: Se Ri flat on her back, on an all black screen, while famous Beethoven's famous fifth symphony plays in the background. This is the continue screen which enables you to restart the game (thank God). One cool bug is that sometimes when you restart, instead of starting the level's proper music, it continues to play the fifth symphony in the background. Adds an odd flavor to the action I must say! You can't help feel that Alex the Droog is going to emerge at any moment and administer a bit of the old ultraviolence on Frickin and company.
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