Volume 1, Number 4 April 23, 2003
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Stage 1-2 is more of the same with a few twists. Again you are on the sunlit golf course, but now there are new foes. One is a fox who emerges from the ground, looks around, submerges, then tosses up tons of dirt. Unfortunately there does not seem to be any way to nail the beggar, so you have to wait for him to do his shtick before passing. (P.S., yes, you'd think it would be a gopher or a mole, not a fox, but I'm telling you, it looks like a fox. Perhaps Koreans have problems with fox infestations on their golf courses?). You also get your first introduction to the rats, whom I call Chester (and if you saw them, you'd call them Chester, too). They are wimps, really, but are fast and so sometimes charge into you if you are not watching out. In the middle of the stage, you run into a jungle gym like structure. Se Ri can climb on it if she wants, but if you do you miss out on a juicy thermos that sits on the ground level.

Finish this level and you get your crack at the first boss. It's that nasty old Eggplant, Kaji (yes, Kaji means eggplant in Korean). A couple of screens show Se Ri and Kaji having an argument, with Se Ri getting increasingly aggravated at the laidback veggie. Finally she decides it's time to attack!

This challenge is set up like whack a mole. There are nine holes in the ground that correspond to your keypad. When you click the right number, a driver clubs down on the proper hole. Kaji starts popping up at a rapid rate from the holes. Whack him enough and you move on. But watch out! Occasionally, a tied up and unhappy Se Ri emerges from the holes, and whacking her is a no no (as should be obvious to any Seoul Sister fan!).

When I was first starting, I played this level a lot. For some reason, it was absolutely impossible to beat the first time through, but each time I would beat it on my second try. I really believe it got easier on the second try, and that they made it really hard the first time because they wanted to make sure you got a chance to see Se Ri defeated and hear Ludwig Van's 5th whenever you play.

Beat Kaji, and after a few more taunts from him, you are taken to a screen where Se Ri, sitting in the bleachers, watches her score for the level toted up. Congratulations, but you've just begun your quest!
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