Volume 1, Number 4 April 23, 2003
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Stage 2 is similar to Stage 1, in that you are on a sunlit golf course. But apparently you are a bit tired, because now you are driving! Yes, you have a souped up Samsung model golf cart that James Bond would be proud of. It is equipped with blasters both on the top and the front. Now, when you press the ctrl key, it shoots an upward blast, while the alt key shoots a blast to the right. The cart has a reinforced stainless steel top that protects you from objects dropped on you. You can move the car forward with the right arrow, while the left arrow slows it down (there is no way to stop it, alas). The up arrow allows you to jump it.

Jumping comes in handy, for this particular golf course is pockmarked with huge craters. This section reminds me a lot of the old 80s videogame Moon Patrol. Since this was one of my faves as a kid, I took to this level pretty easily. While you jump the craters, you must deal with a new enemy: a flying creep who drops missiles on you. Fortunately, one shot from your upward cannon takes him out, so by and large this level is pretty easy.

Stage 2-2 presents more of the same, but now you have more enemies on the ground ahead of you. Basically there is shrapnel flying everywhere once you get blasting, and you have to do a ton of jumping while coordinating upward shots at the bombers and rightward shots at the tanks and whatnot. Whew! Finish this stage, and you get another bonus tote up.

The next sight you see is a picture of you and Happy hugging. That's got to be a good sign, right? Well, immediately after that, you are deposited into Tomb Raidersville. Se Ri is now in a haunted tomb, probably located under Blackwolf Run by the look of it. Creepy music greets you. Besides the stone walls, there are various ledges at different heights that you sometimes need to jump to.

Unlike the previous levels, stage 3 requires you to navigate the rooms not only left to right, but occasionally right to left, up to down or down to up. Each room on this stage has an entrance door and one or more exit doors. Your goal is to get to the exit door, whereupon you press the down arrow to go through to the next room.

What makes this stage a bear is, as you continue on your trek you begin to realize that some of the rooms are repeating. In fact, you cannot simply go through to the obvious doors in each room; sometimes you have to do a little searching to find a second door, which is the one you really need to enter. Eventually I was forced to map out the level to make sure I was not screwing up, as I got into an endless stream of the same two rooms over and over. Tricky stuff.

The enemies here make it tough too. Besides having to learn how to make sometimes tricky jumps to reach certain ledges, you also have to deal with a whole bunch of new foes. The ghost is the most prevalent; he makes a spooky sound and descends towards you. If you time it right he's a wimp. But on some levels, you don't have the room to maneuver, and he basically is going to get you unless you retreat to a better attack point. The blobs are here again, and some rooms have drills that come up out of the floor at annoying intervals. This was the stage that took me the longest to overcome.

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